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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Columbia, Maryland

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An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Clear Your Debt

Calculator and Pen Resting on top of an Accounting SheetDon't get crushed by your debt. The Law Office of David B. Mintz, PC in Columbia, MD provides Chapter 7 bankruptcy services. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will clear most kinds of debt, including credit card, medical bill, and business debt. Whether you're tired of creditors harassing you or you just don't have the money to repay your debt, you can trust attorney Mintz to help you find financial relief.

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What Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can and Can't Do

As your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, attorney Mintz will analyze your assets to see if you're a good candidate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy can:

  • Stop wage garnishments and clear most tax debt more than three years old

  • Clear unsecured debt but not student loans or child support

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