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David B. Mintz

Attorney at Law

With over two decades of experience in bankruptcy law, I have the knowledge and insight you need to seek real solutions to your serious financial problems. The bankruptcy process can not only help you get rid of your debt but also position you to improve your credit score in the future and open up greater opportunities in your life. From Chapter 7 to Chapter 13, I can work to understand the specifics of your situation and determine which type of bankruptcy could best suit your needs. My office is in Columbia, in Howard County (near the Columbia Mall) but I am proud to serve individuals and families throughout the Maryland area. Call me at Law Office of David B. Mintz, PC to schedule a free consultation to get started.


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Relief from Debt May Be Within Your Reach

Contrary to what many people believe, serious financial problems can happen to anyone. Even if you are in a secure position, an emergency, unexpected expense, or even the loss of a job could quickly result in mounting debt and a growing stack of medical bills for you to deal with.

If your financial issues have led you to the point of drowning in debt, there is help available through the bankruptcy process. At the Law Office of David B. Mintz, PC, I can work with you to explain the different bankruptcy options that are available and help you choose a plan that is best for you.

Your debt may have you feeling hopeless and uncertain about what the future holds for you & your family. Despite this stress, your best option is to turn to an experienced bankruptcy attorney to take the appropriate steps to deal with your debt and set yourself up for a better situation moving forward.

For more than two decades, I have accumulated an understanding of the bankruptcy process and what it can do to help people struggling with crippling debt. My office is in Columbia, in Howard County (near the Columbia Mall) but I also serve clients throughout Maryland, including, but not limited to, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, and Baltimore Counties, as well as Baltimore City. If you need help, contact me at the Law Office of David B. Mintz, PC in Columbia, Maryland today.

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You don't have to struggle with debt for the rest of your life. Let me help you learn about how bankruptcy could help.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7 can provide you with a fresh start in life, wiping out most debts. You can even keep your home or car if you have minimal or no equity and are current in your payments.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy under Chapter 13 involves a three to five year payment plan that can consolidate your debt into one manageable payment for mortgage, car and tax arrears while wiping out most of your other debts.

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Trust Me to Lead You in the Right Direction

Filing for bankruptcy does not have the be a permanent negative mark on your record. There are advantages to bankruptcy that could give you an opportunity to leave your debt behind you as you move toward a life with more stable financial footing without constant stress and fear about your future.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the process of wiping away most of your unsecured debt. Credit card debt, outstanding medical bills, and business debts can be eliminated without fear of wage garnishments and constant harassment from any creditors.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to consolidate certain debt (i.e. mortgage, car and tax arrears) into one payment that you can pay down over a period of three to five years while keeping significant assets like your house and car. If you believe Chapter 13 bankruptcy could help your situation, I can take you through the entire process.

Don't stay buried under your mountain of debt. There are steps you can take to eliminate your debt and create more opportunities for yourself. Contact me at Law Office of David B. Mintz, PC in Columbia, Maryland to schedule a free consultation.